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Membership List

Barry Birkett

Bernie Goodman

Bill Scobie

Bill Seabrooke

Bill Williams

Bob Clarke

Brad Larabie

Bruce and Jean Chandler

Bud Nelson, gone but not forgotten.

Carl Swail

Chris Lyon

Chris Vernell

Colin Churcher

David McCurdy

Deryck Coleman, gone but not forgotten.

Diane Mann

Doug Hayes

Doug Lake

Doug MacKenzie, gone but not forgotten.

Douglas Mallon

Doug Matheson

Ed Mann

Erwin Fast

Fred Mills

Gaetan and Nicole Charette

Gary Comber

Gord Bellamy

Gord Larabie, gone but not forgotten.

Grant Knowles

Greg Adams

Henk Van Zijl

Hugh Peden

Jan Golding

John and Linda Spencer

Ken Brunt

Kyle Armitage

Lawrence Watkins

Lela Lyon

Marc Sarault

Maurice (Moe) Cote

Metin Ali

Mike and Lorraine Charlebois

Malcolm Vant

Mike Hamer

Mike Smithson

Pat Brennan

Pat Brewer

Paul Anderson

Paul Norton

Peter Bramah

Peter Mills

Ralph Dipple, gone but not forgotten.

Ric Golding

Richard Mercer, gone but not forgotten.

Roger and Sue Caiazza

Ron Millar

Steve McKenzie

Steve Watson

Stu Moxley

Terry Foley

Tim Scobie

Tom Matthews

Trevor Tattersall

Tyler Larabie

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  1. William Seabrooke

    Paul; we should have a calendar available for all to view. I was looking for info on the upcoming Invasion of Friends, but I can’t see anything.

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