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Glen Hammond Junction

An unfortunate accident at the crossing between the tunnels, west of Hill Siding and east of Glen Hammond, resulted in the planned repair of the roadbed in the second tunnel being expedited.

PhotoTrackdamage PhotoTrackdaylight
Damaged track between tunnels Track lifted, tunnel daylighted
PhotoTrackdaylight2 PhotoTrackdaylight3
Closer view of skylighted tunnel View from low trestle
PhotoTrackretainingwall PhotoTrackAbutments-A
New retaining wall below Blue Mountain Mine New bridge abutments
PhotoTrackAbutments-B PhotoTrackAbutments-C
Closer view of new abutments Top view of new abutments
PhotoTrackTrestles PhotoTrackworkBlue-A
New roadbed at the end of each trestle View at Blue Mountain Mine
PhotoTrackworkLawrence-A PhotoTrackLW-Small
Lawrence working on new roadbed Looking west at new bridges
PhotoTrackLD-Small PhotoTrackworkLE-Small
Looking down from new bridges Looking east at new bridges
PhotoTrackworkJune3-A PhotoTrackJune3-B
Switches at Blue Mountain Mine Switches at Glen Hammond
PhotoTrackJune3-C PhotoTrackworkJune3-D
Glen Hammond Yard connected First train across repaired track
PhotoTrackworkJune3-E PhotoTrackworkJune3-F
Under the new bridges Over the new bridges
PhotoTrackworkJune3-G PhotoTrackworkJune3-H
Through the new switch Into the Glen Hammond Yard
PhotoTrackworkJune8-A PhotoTrackworkJune8-B
Glen Hammond Yard connected front and rear
Bypass and passing siding taking shape
Bypass to connect just west of Bellamy
June16-A June16-B
Glen Hammond Junction siding and bypass Re-aligned mainline at Bellamy North
PhotoTrackworkJune20-E PhotoTrackworkJune20-F
The bypass and Glen Hammond Junction complete Siding and bypass looking east
June22-C June22-D
Looking north at Bellamy New crossing and siding at Bellamy
NewTrack June11
New and repaired track in red Doug MacKenzie presenting Fred Mills
with a momento of the occassion

A new branch line partner, The Rat Portage and Mattawa Railway, is now responsible for traffic within the old Glen Hammond freight yard and Bellamy. To avoid confusion, the freight yard has been renamed the Nelson Yard, while the IPP&W passenger station on the bypass will remain Glen Hammond.


The new branch line wasted little time upgrading the track work and installing new switches at both ends of the yard. Show here are a RP&M crew busy ballasting the Nelson Yard.


RP&M and IPP&W crews installed the roadbed for an extra siding on the Glen Hammond Bypass.


The switches and track have been installed. IPP&W crews will now be able to pick-up cars on the new siding left there by RP&M crews working the Nelson Yard. Cars destined for points on the RP&M will also be dropped there for RP&M crews to pick up.