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Locomotive Tips and Repairs

Bachmann K27 Reduction Gearbox

While testing a Bachmann K27 after installing R and K Railroad Products reduction gearbox, the third drive axle appeared locked in place. This caused the locomotive to teeter-totter on the third set of drive wheels. As this would probably reduce the tractive effort of the locomotive and encourage derailments, the locomotive was opened to investigate …

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Number Board Lettering

Recently a broken number board on an RS-3 had to be replaced. As the new part came with a number that was not the one on the diesel, it had to be removed and the proper number added. A Q-tip was dipped in a circuit board cleaner bought from Active Electronics. With some light rubbing …

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USA Trains Diesel Repairs

DRIVE GEAR AXLE SLEEVES If your USA Trains diesel is running lumpy at slow speed or frequently derailing, the axle sleeves on the drive gear in the motor block may be split. You should not be able to turn any of the wheels with your fingers. If you can, the wheel will slip under load …

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