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Radio Control Train Engineer Systems

What is Radio Control

Most train sets are sold with an inexpensive power pack that is hooked up with two wires to the metal rails of the track. A lever or dial on the pack is used to supply power to the tracks to control the speed and direction of the locomotive. By adding a radio control receiver in …

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2.4 GHz Revolution Train Engineer

Although there is a comprehensive manual on the CD included with each throttle and receiver set, this article details how to quickly install and program the Revolution Train Engineer. The information provided here was written in December 2008 before the Revolution Train Engineer was released for public sale. If it differs from the on-line Revised …

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27 MHz Trackside Train Engineer

The trackside, 2.7 MHz, Train Engineer is a radio control system manufactured by Aristo-Craft. It was originally sold in the early ‘90s to control an entire garden railway, but our club members realized it could be used in a trailing power and control car to battery power and radio control a locomotive. Over the years, …

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75 MHz On-Board Train Engineer

The Aristo-Craft, 75 MHz, on-board receiver was released in 2002. At that time there was a promise of 100 feet of radio range, which was more than double that of its 27 MHz predecessor. When used in a trailing power car or steam tender the promised range was possible if the transmitter was equipped with …

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Revolution Throttle Tips

Most of our club members use the Revolution Train Engineer when operating their locomotives during our weekly train operations. Over the years I have helped them resolve the small problems they have encountered. These tips will eliminate those problems and make operating easier. LINKING NUMBERS On a new throttle the linking number will automatically default …

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