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What is an MU connector?

Aristo-Craft locomotives come with a Plug and Play socket to accept a radio control receiver, a switch to toggle between track power and battery power, and an MU connector at each end.


If the Plug and Play locomotive is equipped with an on-board radio control receiver and the power switch is toggled for battery power to disconnect the track power pick-ups; the rear MU connector can be used to plug in a trailing battery car.


The battery car will power the receiver; and the receiver will control the speed and direction of the locomotive.

If the Plug and Play locomotive does not have an on-board radio control receiver installed, the rear MU connector can be used to plug in a trailing power and control car.


A power and control car contains both a battery and a radio control receiver. It is used to power and control any Aristo-Craft, Plug and Play locomotive: or any other locomotive with an MU connector added and the track power wires disconnected.

An MU connector can be added to the rear of any non Plug and Play locomotive, but the easiest to convert is a USA Trains diesel.


The track power wiring in a USA Trains diesel can be isolated by simply unplugging the track power wiring connectors.


This eliminates the need for a track/battery power switch, but the locomotive will no longer function under track power. Once you enjoy the freedom of radio control and battery power however, you will never want to return the locomotive to track power.

An MU connector can then added, and plugged into the main circuit board in place of the disconnected track power ones.


The connector sets are available from All Electronics under part number CON-240. OVGRS members can purchase them by contacting Paul Norton.


For specific instructions on how to add an MU connector to non Plug and Play locomotives, please refer to the other articles in this section of the web site.

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