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Battery Power Circuits and Repairs

All Electronics Wiring Connector Fix

Thanks to Stan Cedarleaf who alerted us to the fact that the position of the wire colours on All Electronics connectors are not positioned the same as the wire colours on some manufacturers battery packs, chargers, and other electronic equipment. As lithium-ion battery packs and chargers are polarity sensitive, you must careful to ensure proper …

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Aristo-Craft FA-1 MU Connector Wiring Fix

If you own a 2nd generation FA-1 with MU connectors at both ends, you may find the front connector does not function. Fortunately it can be fixed by unsoldering two wires and soldering them in their proper place. REMOVING THE SHELL Place the locomotive upside down on a soft engine cradle taking care not to …

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Battery Power and Radio Control Circuits

TRAILING POWER AND CONTROL CAR CIRCUIT The most common circuit found in battery power and radio control applications uses a switch to toggle an on-board battery pack between its charging plug and a radio control receiver. The following illustration shows the components used to build this simple circuit. A battery pack is connected to the …

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Battery Powered Lighting Circuits

INTRODUCTION The Ngineering web site has a great tutorial on LED Circuits. This is good information to read for a general knowledge of LED circuits. Their web site also has interactive calculators to determine the value of resistors required for a particular circuit. I suggest reading the tutorial thoroughly and adding both links to your …

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Revolution Receiver With Sound Fuse

If you have a Revolution receiver with sounds that has ceased to function, you may have blown the surface mounted 5-amp fuse on the bottom of it. The fuse can be tested for continuity using an Ohm meter or multimeter. Replacement fuses are available from Mouser Electronics under the manufacturer’s part number 0437005.WR for the …

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