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Jim Davis’s Garden Railway

Jim took advantage of this unusually mild winter and ran trains on New Years’ day 2007.



Jim Davis of Kemptville, Ontario started the JP&F Scenic Railway in June of 2000. He and his son Terry laid about 75 feet of Aristo-Craft track on a bed of stone dust, 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

The next year, a pond and stream were added and more greenery planted. Over the next three years, a two foot quarry stone wall was built and filled, to allow another 100 feet of track to be laid. Buildings, small trees and home-made, metal bridge were added.

A line through a basement window to a 30 foot staging area was also built. Jim finds this saves a lot of time setting up and taking down.

The railway is track powered and radio controlled using an LGB power pack and Aristo-Craft trackside Train Engineer. Motive power and rolling stock are a mixture of USA Trains, Aristo-Craft and Bachmann.

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  1. Eugene Kirkham

    Hi Jim.

    Long time no see. Nice garden railroad.

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