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Events 2010

2010 American Invasion, Day 1

Each year since 1998, the Ottawa Valley GRS has invited their American friends to operate their trains in an annual event that has come to be known as The American Invasion of Ottawa. Day 1 The first day was a visit to Doug and Barb Matheson’s home beside the Rideau River. It was a casual …

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2010 American Invasion, Day 2, Page 1

Welcome to day two! Today will feature two narrow gauge operations on Fred Mill’s Ironwood, Peter’s Pond and Western Railway, home of the Ottawa Valley GRS. It is appropriate that we start with a picture of Ken Brunt of Pennsylvania. He is the man that started it all with his visit to Ottawa in ’98. …

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2010 American Invasion, Day 2, Page 2

Later in the morning Jim Henrichs turns the locomotive on the wye at Craig Leigh, while Tyler Larabie admires the coal and water towers. These fine wooden structures were built by the late Doug MacKenzie. Doug would treat his models with diluted creosote to protect them from the elements and give them that authentic steam …

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2010 American Invasion, Day 2, Page 3

Meanwhile John Spencer and Carl Swail are switching cars at Spruce. It appears the sun may be claiming another victim, as Brad Larabie slumps on the wall at Ironwood Junction in the background. Carl is leaning over to uncouple cars. Too bad 3 foot screw drivers aren’t a common commodity. Notice the nice stonework around …

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2010 American Invasion, Day 3

On Saturday the 18th of July 2009, garden railway enthusiasts from Canada, the United States of America, and England gathered in Fred Mills’ backyard for a second day of operations on his Ironwood, Peter’s Pond and Western Railway. There would be a narrow gauge railway operation both before and after lunch, followed by a “run …

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