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Spruce1PhotoBuildings Spruce2PhotoBuildings
The freight shed at Spruce with a new coat of paint on the roof and loading dock New doors replaced those damaged by years of exposure to the elements
Block1PhotoBuildings Block2PhotoBuildings
Upon hearing rumours of an American Invasion, the residents of Glen Hammond hastily built this sturdy block house. Fortunately the railway President was able to convince the worried locals that they were better to stock it with premium ale than shot and powder.
Shed1PhotoBuildings Shed2PhotoBuildings
Doug MacKenzie built the original freight shed at Ironwood Junction. Unfortunately the fine wooden platform deteriorated over the years and had to be replaced. After the stirrup steps, bolsters, truss rods and queenposts were removed, this retired Kalamazoo boxcar had it frame sanded flat.
Shed3PhotoBuildings Shed4PhotoBuildings
A longer concrete platform and stairs (pressure treated lumber in Krylon gray primer) were added. The metal railings are soldered brass rod painted with Krylon glossy black. The wooden roof battens were replaced with styrene and a door stop added. The original wooden storage box was puttied and sanded. The roof, shed and box then received a new coat Floquil paint.
GlenHammondE1PhotoBuildings GlenHammondF1PhotoBuildings
Hogger Paul Norton and Yardmaster Richard Mercer Glen Hammond traffic jam
GlenHammondC1PhotoBuildings GlenHammondD1PhotoBuildings
Glen Hammond passenger station Yardmaster Richard Mercer at work
GlenHammondA1PhotoBuildings GlenHammondB1PhotoBuildings
Glen Hammond west end Glen Hammond east end
JSWarehouse1PhotoBuildings GardenShed1PhotoBuildings
Warehouses at Craig Leigh built with JigStones Storage Shed for narrow gauge cars
Busy work bench in the IPP&W Shops

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