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2012 American Invasion, Day 5

The last event of the 2012 Invasion was held on Monday, July 23 at the Finger Lakes Live Steamers layouts in Marengo, NY. The gauge one railroad consists of three electrified inter-connected loops. At one end of the layout there is a 65 foot wye leading to a waist-level trestle connected to the gauge one turntable. The wye tracks connect to the 190 foot upper loop which is built on an embankment at the same level as the trestle. There are two connecting tracks on a 1% grade to the lower level that enable continuous running between the 250 foot lower loop and the upper loop. In addition there is a four turnout crossover on one side of the upper loop that connects to a 140 foot inner loop.


To start the day off, Jan Golding’s Kaskaskia Valley 2-6-0 steam locomotive number 1 with the business car Panacea stops at a small rural passenger station. Best not linger too long or they may have an unwanted passenger.


A couple of well dressed railroaders on Ric Golding’s battery powered hand car are out doing an inspection of the line.


An interesting three-diesel consist pulling a freight train on the west end of the railroad.


The train loops around the horseshoe bend on the upper loop.


Ric and Jan Golding (Carlyle, Illinois) enjoying the shade on a very hot day.


John Spencer’s handsome Baltimore and Ohio PA-1 passenger diesel is rounding the bend on the eastern end of the railroad.


The PA-1 is hauling a nice string of matching Baltimore and Ohio heavyweight passenger cars.


A lucky rail fan was at the right place at the right time to photograph both trains on the bridges at the east end of the railroad.


Over and under they go.


A Royal Canadian Pacific hauling a small string of heavyweight passenger cars.


A good shot of the Pacific on one of the three bridges at eastern end of the railroad.


One our hosts John Spencer (Syracuse, NY) is admiring Ric Golding’s box cab locomotive.


After lunch a passenger train operation was held. Crossing the trestle bridge into the main yard is John’s Baltimore and Ohio PA-1 with it string of heavyweights in tow.


The PA is passing over the stone portal of the lower loop tunnel.


A number of puzzled railroaders are trying to determine what to do next.


Unable to resolve the problem, they take to a higher authority, another one of our hosts Roger Caiazza (Syracuse, NY).


Maybe this is train they were looking for. A New York Central Pacific hauling a long string of passenger cars.


Or perhaps this one.


The motive power is a nicely decorated Southern Crescent Limited Pacific.


Alright now that we have a yard full of trains, what do we do?


This is one of the many handsome Pacifics in service on this busy day.


Roger watches as the Crescent Limited Pacific climbs the uphill grade with a little help from a diesel unit.


John is switching out a few baggage cars with an S-4 diesel.


In addition to a Gauge One layout, the club also has seven and a quarter inch gauge railroad for one and a half inch scale equipment, and a four and three-quarter inch gauge railway for one inch scale equipment.

Engineer Ric Golding (Carlyle, Illinois) piloting a New York Central ALCO RS-3 on the four and three-quarter inch gauge railroad.


Jan Golding’s Mogul in the foreground provides a good idea of the size difference between scales.


Ric and Stuart Moxley (Ottawa, Ontario) are enjoying themselves touring the railroad.


This photo illustrates the width of this gauge of track. Good balance while operating this equipment is essential.


Now the big stuff is being wheeled out. This 4-6-0 steamer is coal fired.


Fred Mills (Ottawa, Ontario) tries out one of the seven and a quarter inch gauge diesels.


A better look at the side rod diesel Fred was piloting. It has a familiar look to it.


Here is another diesel with some cushy passenger seats.


The lettering says it all.


Connor Henrichs (Syracuse, New York) is at the controls of a big diesel. He looks very comfortable as a railroad engineer.


Here is part of the crowd in the shade after a very hot day.


In the evening the group gathered at Abigail’s Restaurant in Seneca Falls. Thank you to our hosts and the Finger Lakes Live Steamers for making this most enjoyable day possible. Thanks also to Chris Lyon for all the photos.

And that brings to an end the 2012 American Invasion of Ottawa. Everyone has enjoyed themselves running trains and plans are already being made for next year’s event.

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