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2011 Daves McCurdy’s Rio Grande Southern Railway

November 2011 – OVGRS members took advantage of the some great, late fall weather to run trains on Dave McCurdy’s Rio Grande Southern Railway.

Moe Cote’s CPR F1 A-B-A diesels rumble through a small tunnel in one of the large rock formations on the railway.


Moe’s three diesels hauling a beautiful set of streamlined CPR passenger cars. These classic CPR F1s and full-length, aluminum cars make a very handsome train.


Doug Hayes’ PRR Annie which he recently converted to radio control and battery power. This 4-6-0 features some interesting valve gear and an enclosed cab which would be appreciated by the engineer in colder weather.


Moe brings a string of cars down with a CP SD-45 that he recently purchased from the late Ralph Dipple’s train collections.


Dave and Paul Norton’s CNR GP-9s sitting in front of Ridgway Station that Dave built with JigStones. Both Dave and Paul remember similar GP9s hauling 110 car freight trains up and down the Beachburg Sub.


Paul’s GP-9s with a string of cars out on the road with Stu’s Dash 9 in the background.


A meet between of the two trains. This picture illustrates the work that Dave has done with weed cloth and fine stone to keep his railway right of way weed free.


A panoramic view of a small portion of Dave’s railway empire.


Thanks Dave from all of us for a couple of great days of running trains. We will have to do this more often next year.

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