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Events 2011

2011 American Invasion

The 2011 American Invasion of Ottawa was a tremendous success. Although the weather was hot, everyone enjoyed themselves running trains, chatting with friends, and relaxing during the lunch and supper breaks. Day 1 The “Invasion” started on Thursday, July 14th at Doug Matheson’s, Northland Garden Railroad. The railway is nestled in a garden growing in …

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2011 Daves McCurdy’s Rio Grande Southern Railway

November 2011 – OVGRS members took advantage of the some great, late fall weather to run trains on Dave McCurdy’s Rio Grande Southern Railway. Moe Cote’s CPR F1 A-B-A diesels rumble through a small tunnel in one of the large rock formations on the railway. Moe’s three diesels hauling a beautiful set of streamlined CPR …

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2011 Disaster Hits The IPP&W Railway

April 28, Ottawa, Canada – Yesterday while Railway President Fred Mills and Roadmaster Gord Bellamy were inspecting the re-construction of Bell, winds gusting to 60 MPH sent a 70 foot spruce tree in Nelson Yard crashing to the ground behind them. Fortunately the tree fell between the President’s home and the IPP&W Shops causing only …

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2011 Fire at Spruce

The volunteer fire department of Spruce was called into action today when a fire broke out behind the MacKenzie Lumber Warehouse. The fire fighting car was quickly brought to the scene. And the refilling hose dropped in a trackside creek. The car quickly doused the flames with it’s the water cannon. Fortunately no one was …

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