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2009 American Invasion, Day 3

On Saturday the 18th of July 2009, garden railway enthusiasts from Canada, the United States of America, and England gathered in Fred Mills’ backyard for a second day of operations on his Ironwood, Peter’s Pond and Western Railway.

There would be a narrow gauge railway operation both before and after lunch, followed by a “run what you brung” session in the evening.


Fred Mills holding out the Stars and Stripes as most of the guests came from the good ol’ US of A.


The photo of the group with a number of absentees. Fortunately most of the other photos taken during the weekend will provide a closer view of all the attendees with a caption under each to identify who they are.


Ric Golding’s large scale Bachmann Climax with a Phoenix sound system was quite the hit.


Gord Larabie and Terry Foley chatting before the morning activities.


Terry brought his railway mascot Ig with him on this great adventure.


Here is Ric Golding’s fantastic Climax again. What a great running locomotive.


Matt was awarded his apprentice hat as a new trainee on the Rat Portage and Mattawa Railway by Gord Bellamy on the left and Bud Nelson on the right. The RP&M is a branchline partner of the Ironwood, Peter’s Pond and Western Railway that takes care of the switching duties in both the Nelson and Rat Portage freight yards.


From left to right: Colin Churcher, Gord Bellamy, Matt, Brad Larabie, Tyler Larabie, Gord Larabie, and Bud Nelson. Gord Larabie and his sons Tyler and Brad were promoted to operators and had the white trainee stripe removed from their hats.


Jan Golding, Linda Spencer and Jean Chandler pose for their own portrait. Jan and the ladies present are regulars at this annual event, and are the reason so many fine meals have been served.


From left to right: Bud Nelson, Lawrence Watkins, Roger Caiazza and Colin Churcher taking a lunch break between the two operating sessions. Occasional light rain showers are the reason for the jackets.


There was lots of food to enjoy. Tyler Larabie with his back to us sits with his brother Brad, Don Howard, Lela Lyon and host Fred Mills.


A passenger train stopped at the station at Mount Saint Helen’s.


John and Linda Spencer fueling their live steamer that will haul the afternoon through freight, while Stu Moxley looks on from a safe distance.


I (Chris Lyon) had the pleasure of acting as brakeman. It was the first time for me to operate with live steam.


Monique searching for a car for them to pickup at Glen Hammond.


Fred Adams backing his locomotive onto the siding for the pickup.


Here I (Chris Lyon) am hitching and chatting on the radio to the dispatcher.


John Spencer with his train, while Linda Spencer tries her hand as brakeman.


A video in progress. The ice tea is for the engineer as it was hot and humid day.


Lawrence Watkins admiring two live steamers meeting at Bell. Lawrence is responsible for many of the fine JigStones buildings on the railway.


Fred Adams and Monique talking with dispatcher Peter Bramah. Peter is another long term member of the club.


Fred and Monique made a great team.


Ric Golding’s hand car was made from a WalMart toy.


The hand car is battery powered.


At the end of the day a rain shower chased everyone off the railway. Fred Adams offering Monique, Stu Moxley and Carl Swail a beer.


John and Linda Spencer join the group under the tent which provides an impromptu time to socialize.


A Climax running by Ironwood Junction as the layout was set up as a continuous loop during the BBQ and evenings activities.


The climax pushing through some encroaching vegetation.


Ken gave us the big wave as he brings his mixed train down grade behind Spruce.


This was a great day of narrow gauge railway operations and a good time was had by all. In fact this was by far the most fun model railway activity I have ever participated in. Thanks again to the Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society for putting on such a fine event.

The remaining day of the 2009 American Invasion of Ottawa is described in the following page which is filled with lots and lots of pictures. To view the pictures, click on one of the following link.

2009 American Invasion of Ottawa Day 4

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