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2005 OVGRS Opening Day

April 9, 2005 – Thanks to some pesistantly good weather, the Ironwood, Peter’s Pond and Western Railway was able to open early this year. A good crowd was on hand to watch a freight train with a couple of reefers of fresh produce, meat and beer make the first train to run.

Od20005a1 Od20005b1
Blocking the train in the Firgrove yard Heading out on the mainline
Od20005c1 Od20005d1
Passing the station at Bellamy Glen Hammond yard
Od20005e1 Od20005f1
Over the low trestle Up Hill Siding
Od20005g1 Od20005h1
Still climbing Cresting the top of the hill
Od20005i1 Od20005j1
Ironwood Junction Craig Leigh at last

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