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Brunt’s Malting and Milling Company

JigStones offer a variety of molds for casting sections of brick or stone from concrete, or windows from plastic resin.

Craig Leigh, the largest center on the IPP&W railway, is a beehive of construction activity. First it was the new passenger station, then the Post Office, and now a Malting and Milling Company. Malting and milling are two processes used in making Whiskey.


BuildingWhiskey1 BuildingWhiskey2
Here the frame of the building is test fitted at the end of passenger yard in downtown Craig Leigh. The JigStones brickwork has begun around the delivery doors.
BuildingWhiskey3 BuildingWhiskey4
More progress on the brickwork. JigStones apprentice Ralph Dipple hard at work.


  1. Wellington Pham

    I like your buildings. Very professional. How do you cut such thick wood for the windows and doors. Do you use a hand saw?

    1. Paul Norton

      Hi Pham!

      The usual process is to draw an outline of the window or door opening. Then drill a hole inside each corner of the outline large enough to pass the blade of a small sabre saw. Cut along the outline from hole to hole. Any rough spots can be filled smooth.

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