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Ken Brunt’s impressive sounding Bachmann K27 on the IPP&W Railway during the 2011 American Invasion of Ottawa.

A tour of Dave Winter’s INDOOR large scale railway in Peachland, B.C.

A ride on the RP&M and IPP&W Railways from Rat Portage, through Bellamy, the re-built Nelson Yard, Lily, Spruce, Ironwood, and Mount St. Helens to Craig Leigh.

An excellent tour of the London and Port Stanley Railway. This virtual video brings this interurban electric railway to life in good colour and detail.

A pair of USA Trains GP-9s with on-board battery power and radio control on a van hop around the IPP&W Railway late in the fall of 2009.

An Aristo-Craft CNR E-8 with on-board Revolution radio control and a trailing battery car hauling USA Trains passenger cars on Doug Matheson’s Northland Railway.

Another view of an Aristo-Craft Dash 9 with on-board battery power and Revolution radio control running on Doug Matheson’s Northland Railway.

An Aristo-Craft Dash 9 with on-board battery power and Revolution radio control running on Doug Matheson’s Northland Railway.

Here is big diesel power and modern cars on the Ironwood Road.

A Saturday morning standard gauge operation on the IPP&W.

A Bachmann Annie running on Dave McCurdy’s RGS garden Railway in Carleton Place.

Doug Matheson’s Shay running across the MLS bridge at Marty Cozad’s in Nebraska City.

J.P.& F. G-Scale Trains on a Trailer
A video of three events in the summer of 2014.


  1. brad

    hi- i just recenly got the aristocraft 22306-3 FA FB FA, the boxes say there 2001 trains, the two FA units have some kind of sound, im not sure about the b unit, well my trouble is the sound systme doesnt start making sounds until the train is at 1/2 speed or more??.. im using a temporary cheapo ho 2amp transformer curently, is this part of the i need an aristocraft high power / linear /or wireless train engineer type ??– what type sound do these have ??, do these have decoders already in them ?? where can i view the owners / operating manuals for this train,, i dont have a manual,, help please..thank you brad..

    1. Paul Norton

      You are running 3 locomotives (6 motors and lights) with a small transformer that was designed to run a starter set with one locomotive. I would purchase a better power supply to see if that resolves the sound problem.

      Unfortunately the Aristo-Craft web site no longer exists, so Owners Manuals and Parts Lists cannot be downloaded from there anymore. Try Googling for them or find a Garden Railway club in you area that may be able to help you find them.

      The only way to find out if these diesels have receivers or sound boards in them is to open them. Read the FA-1 articles on this web site to learn how to open them and what to look for. If these are 2001 locomotives, they did not come with receivers, Plug and Play sockets, or sound boards.

      If they do have receivers and sound boards, they would have been installed by the previous owner. If you are unfamiliar with these components, take digital pictures of them and post them on Large Scale Central for help identifying them.

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